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E.F.E.O. News 2018


E.F.E.O.´s president - Presentation on pesticides at IFEAT 

Please find below the presentation by Jean-François QUARRÉ (CEO-Quimdis) at IFEAT conference on 9th - 13th September, 2018 in Cartagena.

"Essential Oils and Pesticides: How to face the future with E.F.E.O."

E.F.E.O.´s AGM 2018 in Nice


“EFEO Challenges in the future” 
by Jean-François Quarré, vice-president of E.F.E.O. & next President, CEO - QUIMDIS 

“Chanel Perfume raw materials, a sustainable/responsible sourcing” 
by Carol Surot, Director - Regulatory Affairs, Safety & Ingredient Sustainability, Perfumes GIA –  CHANEL

“Citrus & Vanilla Biodiversity/2 Models of Partnership” 
by Christina Archer - UEBT-Union for Ethical BioTrade and Hamish Taylor – SYMRISE

“European legislation update”
by Lutz Düshop – Attorney-at-law, E.F.E.O. Secretary General

 Newsletter No. 6 - Annual General Meeting-general session






E.F.E.O. News 2017

Recognition for E.F.E.O. co-founder 

The IFEAT took advantage of their 40th anniversary dinner to recognize the people who significantly contributed to the IFEAT history. It was with great pleasure that one of our EFEO board members, Thierry Duclos, was amongst the award winners. Through his intense involvement with the E.F.E.O. and essential oils in general. Indirectly, this award is also a recognition of all the work done since 2002 by our association for our industry.

E.F.E.O. contribution at AEMPS in Madrid, Spain

On June 29th, E.F.E.O.´s President Jorge Miralles gave a presentation (in Spanish) at the Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios (AEMPS) (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Sanitary products).

E.F.E.O. contribution at CHINAEASA conference

Thierry Duclos, founding Board member of E.F.E.O. gave a presentation at the CHINAEASA conference in Zhuhai, China on 22nd May, 2017.

E.F.E.O. NCS Consortia Lead Registrant Workshop on 29th June, 2017

Our next EFEO NCS Consortia Lead Registrant Workshop will take place:
Thursday, 29th June, 2017;  09:30h–17:30h, at the Dorint Airport-Hotel Amsterdam. More information under this link.

E.F.E.O. - AGM 2017

Invitation Letter/Registration Form

Our open part will be from 16:00h – 19:00h followed by our Cocktail and Gala Dinner starting at 19:30h.
The speakers for the open part are:


  • “E.F.E.O.´s 15th Year Anniversary”    
      by Mr. F.-Peter Meschede, E.F.E.O. Treasurer
  • Quality at its Pure Stage”     
      by Mrs. Hélène Chaumont and Corinne Cazeneuve, PURESSENTIEL
  • “Sandalwood Album: Reawakening the World to a Wellbeing Super-Ingredient”     
      by Mrs. Danae Christensen and Mr. Stephane Piquart, QUINTIS LTD. AUSTRALIA
  • “Lumière sur la Bergamote et sa culture soutenable”     
      round-table in English with Maïa Lernout, perfumer, TAKASAGO, Mr. Hamish Taylor, SYMRISE, 
      Mr. Gianfranco Capua, CAPUA 1880 S.R.L., and Mr. Vilfredo Raymo, SIMONE GATTO S.R.L
  • “French Essential Oils, Facing Regulation”  
      by Mr. Rémy Bontoux and Mr. Philippe Soguel, Administrators of CIHEF


E.F.E.O. Meets Spanish Producers

In 2014, E.F.E.O. started an information program geared toward producers and manufacturers of essential oils in Europe.  As part of this program, after Italy, Germany and Bulgaria, E.F.E.O. met on January 26, 2017 in Murcia with more than 80 Spanish producers from the main regions of the country. 

This conference was organized and sponsored by Ailimpo, which stands for Lemon's and Grapefruit's Interprofessional Association. This very dynamic organization gathers representatives from all economic activities related to the production, trade and transformation of the lemon and grapefruit in Spain.  It was established in August 1998 and promote the contact and cohesion between producers, traders, exporters and transformers of lemon and grapefruit in Spain.

After a brief welcome from MR Juan Hernández Albarracín from the Government of Murcia,  from the President and Vice President of Ailimpo, respectively Mr. Domingo Arce and Mr. Miguel Angel Parra,  Jose Antonio Garcia, Director of Ailimpo, gave an excellent presentation on the production of Lemon in Spain:
Spain is the second producer of Lemon in the world after Argentina. (1,021,00 tons of fruit vs 1,151,000 tons in Argentina) but the first one in fresh fruit (745,000 tons vs 269,000 tons in Argentina). 

The average yield is 60T per ha (or 22 tons per acre) with 75% going to fresh fruit and 25% going to processing.  The production of CP lemon oil in Spain is 900 to 1000 tons.  It represents 15% of the worldwide production. Sustainability and social responsibility are two very important elements for this industry providing 16,800 jobs in Spain and using 38,000 has (94,000 acres) of land.

Jorge Miralles, Director of F&F operations for Indukern and President of E.F.E.O., followed by sharing with the audience the mission and the actions of E.F.E.O. concerning the NCS, particularly its very deep involvement in REACH, presentation which was further detailed by Jens Achim Protzen from Kaders and Eric Angelini, from Mane. With humour as well as good science, they discussed REACH and its impending deadline of June 2018. 

This most interesting conference was followed by a convivial dinner, sponsored by Indukern S.A. and E.F.E.O. where we had a chance to taste the very good specialties of Murcia as well as blend with our Spanish friends and further solidify ties together. 

E.F.E.O. is most grateful to Ailimpo and Indukern for their indefatigable support in making this most interesting meeting possible.

News and Events from the Industy

E.F.E.O. AGM 2019

The AGM on the 4th June, 2019 is synchronised with the SIMPAAR 2019 in Paris, France.

SIMPPAR - Int’l Exhibition of Raw Materials for Perfumery

The international exhibition of raw materials for perfumery takes place on June 5-6, 2019 in Paris.

MAP-Expo 2019

Please register to the 3rd MAP-Expo 2019 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, on 9th - 10th October, 2019. 

IFEAT Conference 2019

The next conference will be in Bali, Indonesia. The dates are September 29th to October 3rd, 2019.

Flavorcon 2019

The  Flavorcon 2019, presented by Perfumer&Flavorist magazine will take be in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA on 10th - 12th November,2019.


Press - Media 2017

P&F Press release  

Celebrating and Defending Naturals in Perfumery

Press Release Expression Cosmétique No. 41

Expression Cosmétique No. 41
Please find more information about Expression Cosmétique under: www.editionsbgm.fr/en/ 

Press Release P&F magazine December 12th, 2016