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In joining the E.F.E.O. you will be helping to support and protect the safe use of essential oils throughout Europe. Increasingly regulation attempts to restrict the use of our raw materials and it is essential that our industry has a coherent and robust response to the suggestions that our materials pose some form threat to the end user.

As a member, you will receive regular newsletters, informing you of topical issues and highlighting proposed or current regulation changes. We will advise on suitable regulatory links and you have the facility to contact the offices to provide direct advice on particular issues you may encounter.

Please join the European Federation of Essential Oils today and support your industry. To become a member of the E.F.E.O., please complete and return the application form to the secretariat. Details of fees can be found under the section "ABOUT US" - "JOIN".


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Newsletter No. 04 - 24/07/2019

E.F.E.O. News:

  1. E.F.E.O. AGM

Industry News:



  1. Import, Export & Transit of substances under REACH: Opinion
  2. Cosmetic labelling, common ingredient names
  3. ECHA REACH Evaluation Action Plan
  4. Restrictive measures concerning Crimea and Sevastopol
  5. EU autonomous tariff quotas and suspension of Customs tariff duties


  1. Perfumer & Flavorist – Press release June 4th, 2019

Newsletter No. 03 - 16/05/2019

E.F.E.O. News

  1. E.F.E.O. Delegation In Egypt
  2. NCS Advisory Group Report on NCS activities (Version 3, April 26th ,2019)
  3. AGM & Conference Registration

Industry News

  1. Fragrance Creators Names Laure Moutet Manheimer as 2019 Bruell Award Recipient


  1. Additional US tariff duties on essential oils imported from EU? 
  2. Amendments to EU Pesticide Regulation No 396/2005/EC

Newsletter No. 02 - 18/02/2019 - Special Edition


What does this mean to E.F.E.O. member companies?

Newsletter No. 01 - 30/01/2019


  1. Newsletter mailing list
  2. Invitation E.F.E.O. AGM 2019 in Paris


  1. Givaudan Enters Negotiations to Acquire Albert Vieille SAS
  2. RIFM and CSIR-CIMAP sign MoU
  3. Puressentiel wins case against consumer association for wrongful disparagement without proof


  1. IFRA/IOFI Labeling Manual 2018
  2. Suspension of EU customs tariff duties and autonomous tariff quotas in 2019
  3. EU Pesticides Regulation No 396/2005/EC
  4. Compliance with REACH registration obligations


  1. Erol Mesulan
  2. Jean-François Latty


  1. Symrise achieves UEBT membership
  2. IFRA is launching a new sustainability initiative in 2019